Australian Wagyu has come to Dubai in a big way. This delicious, tender beef shares similarities with Japanese Wagyu as the cows are genetically linked to one another, but the regions they’re reared in are obviously different.

In the article to follow, we’ll discuss what you can expect when ordering Australian Wagyu beef, why it’s a popular item on our menu, and why it’s such an exclusive cut of meat.

We’ll also explain the differences between Australian Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu.


What does Wagyu mean? 

Wagyu means “Japanese cattle” and usually refers to the Japanese Black cow. However, in recent times, the word has become a catch-all term for the highest quality beef available in the world. 


What is Australian Wagyu?

Australian wagyu

Australian farmers have successfully introduced Japanese cattle (Wagyu) to their farms, and retained the breed’s distinctive characteristics, all while in a new climate.

It’s worth noting that the Australian farms treat their cows in a similar manner to their Japanese counterparts, often affording their cattle spacious pastures with a focus on quality feed and care.

Wagyu is world-renowned because the cows produce meat that is exceptionally tender, flavorful and characterized by distinctive marbling. 


Why is Wagyu so good?

A high-quality diet and low stress environment contribute to the delicious final product. Yes, Australian Wagyu is highly regarded for its flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture, and has become a hugely popular mainstay of the Dubai dining scene. 


Difference between Australian Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu

The main difference between Australian Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu comes in the breeding. Australian Wagyu often involves crossbreeding between the Japanese breeds (like the Black) and other breeds, such as the Angus. By contrast, Japanese Wagyu is traditionally from a purebred cow, typically a Japanese Black.  

Both Japanese farmers and Australian farmers retain quality by rearing cattle in controlled environments, and both deliver taste in spades. For the connoisseur who wants the original, highest quality A5 grade of beef, opt for Japanese Wagyu; but if you’re in the market for something different, try Australian Wagyu.

The rearing practices – including the high quality grain the cows are given – contribute to the taste of the meat and the overall premium quality of the dish. 

This is definitely one for meat lovers and food connoisseurs, but it’ll also mean that lesser steaks no longer taste the same! 

Once you’ve tried Wagyu, it’s hard to go back, and it’s considered one of the highest quality beef in the world because of the stringent grading standards it goes through. 

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Benefits of eating Australian Wagyu

Wagyu beef is often described as the tastiest beef in the world. But did you know that it’s one of the healthiest too? 

Wagyu beef is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids – containing 30% more than other beef products. These fatty acids are the type found in avocados and olive oil, and they act as an anti-inflammatory agent. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids can also ward off cancer and reduce blood cholesterol and heart disease. 

Wagyu beef is also higher in Omega-3 and Omega-6 than other types of beef, making it an excellent addition to any meat-eater’s diet.  


Australian wagyu beef on our menu

At Salvaje, we serve a mouthwatering 1.2kg Australian Wagyu tomahawk steak and a 300g Australian Wagyu inside skirt steak. The former is priced at 1400 AED and the latter at 295 AED.

The tomahawk is notable for its distinctive shape and long rib bone, which is French trimmed with careful precision. There’s a huge amount of succulent meat to enjoy, and it’s suitable for the gluten intolerant.

The inside skirt steak comes from the chest wall of the animal is a flavorful cut with a nice beefy flavor. It’s well known for its marbling and makes for a delicious meal. 

It’s worth noting that we also serve an A5 Japanese Wagyu with robata and yuzu ponzu sauce (950 AED) for those who want their beef from the country that spearheaded the breed. 

Check out the options under the Earth section of the Salvaje Dubai menu

Is there have any Best wagyu beef restaurant dubai?

Yes, Salvaje Restaurant in Dubai does offer Wagyu beef on their menu! We(Salvaje) feature Australian Wagyu alongside their other delicious dishes. We have specialized in Wagyu!


If you’re looking to try Australian Wagyu in Dubai, look no further. We’re located at Address Residences in Downtown Dubai, and it’s here that we serve a delicious selection of meats, seafood and more. We source our Wagyu from only the finest butchers before our chefs put their knife skills to work, trimming the cut before cooking the meat over a hot flame.

Sound mouthwatering? It is – so join us for a meal soon.

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